Marcelo Valente
48 years old, guitar player and music teacher.

My name is Marcelo Valente (48 years), when describing my relationship the Pilates method , I have to start by saying I'm excited about going to the meeting ( I'm not very fond of physical exercise ) and I feel great again back to the session (more ... stretched up higher).

Then it should cite the sensations experienced in the session. I always found it very curious that despite feeling not "almost nothing" to the body, the feeling after finishing the exercise is very clear and pleasant . When I said that is not "almost nothing" with the body meant that the body is not subjected to extreme exercise, but obviously it does not move ... and not a little.

Sessions appreciate body awareness to stimulate and something I would call an "anti -aging therapy" I mean, to work with "the Pilates Reformer" one must recognize not only the necessary muscle strength to the desired motion , but also forces the springs themselves produce. The conclusion is that in addition to needing to activate the muscle suit is necessary to know the strength of the "Pilates Reformer", hence the situation of body balance that generates Pilates session and that is why it wont anti -aging therapy. Evidently equal age but is very important that we keep feeling young.

Sylviana Dicovsky
flutist and teacher.

The Pilates method is a synthesis of what I looked for a long time in various body disciplines: awareness of your body, stretching, work correct posture and muscle toning. I recommend it.

Alexa de Blois
32 years old, a freelance photographer.

I had heard of the benefits of Pilates, but I finally decided to try it after delivery. I went to the first class test and I was fascinated. They work smoothly every muscle in the body, improves elasticity quickly learn to correct bad posture and breathing. The excellent teacher, you feel at home from the start. It's fun and entertaining, I can not recommend it more.

Encarna García
32 years old, graduate in infant education.

Practice the classes with Lidia has greatly improved my quality of life. Thanks to the method Pilates Reformer and to the ability to motivate from Lidia I have strengthened my body and I no longer have pain in both knees (I suffer Chondromalacia patellae) either my lumbar (for my profession).

Mireia Foradada
27 years old, pedagogue.

I had never done Pilates, not even knew what it was or what it was for. My knowledge was based perhaps more on a series of prejudices against this technique, to consider that it was a type of physical activity one so elitist and had become fashionable.

But between pain and back pain I was lucky to go into the hands of Lydia. An expert woman of physical and spirit ills caused by stress and by overwork. But she also knowing who it was Pilates, the origins of this technique and its physical benefits. After years of paying massages expensive, which only served me to temporarily remake, I realized I needed something preventative to prevent back pain.

So from session to session I improved my pain to the point that rarely I suffer from this now. Pilates has helped me improve my posture position and have also I have strengthened me and I become aware of other parts of my body that I needed to find and overall balance in myself, physically, emotionally and psychologically. Thank you, Lydia!

Jesus Rodrigo
39 years old, director of bank.

Recently I am with Lydia and I can say that my experience has been very positive. From the first day I knew that I wanted to continue. My intention was to do one session a week but I was so surprised and saw such professionalism that I did not doubt to go twice a week. Took a month now and I can say that I feel better and my position has changed and this motivates me a lot because he always adopted a bad posture and occasionally felt discomfort. Definitely continue with Lydia who besides being a great professional, very attentive and patient.

Marc Fontanet
27 years old, consumer electronic specialist.

I practice Kung Fu for years and was looking to complete it with something else. I tried a Pilates Reformer class and discovered they had much in common, such as concentration and breathing. Pilates helps me strengthen the elasticity and strength, especially the internal musculature and disconnect sessions daily stress.